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A. Establishment - Objectives - Attendance - Degree awarded

The "Institute of Preschool Teachers' In-service Education of Crete" (greeklish: "Didaskaleio Nipiagwgwn Kritis") is part of the Department of Preschool Education. It has been established since the academic year 1998-99 (Presidential Order 128/6.5.1998, FEK 104/15.5.1998).

The Institute aims to provide further training and guidance towards specialism in preschool teaching.

According to law 2327/95 teachers can apply for admission at the Institute only if they have served in the public or the private sector for more than five (5) and less than twenty five (25) years. The years a teacher has served on a temporary contract are considered as part of that teaching experience.

The Ministry of Education is responsible for the selection of teachers who are also obliged to sit for a written exam. Attendance at the Institute is compulsory. The teachers attending the in-service program of study at the Institute are released from their teaching duties for the full period of their studies (two years).

Upon successful completion of the in-service program of study the Institute awards the Diploma of Further Training in Education. The holders of this degree have rights equivalent to those who hold a Bachelor's degree in Education.



B. Statutory Framework and the Program Content

The Institute offers training programs in the subject areas of General Education and the Special Needs Education. The General Education program of study includes twenty-eight (28) courses (seven (7) taught three hours per week in each semester). Teaching should not exceed the twenty one (21) hours per week. The Special Education program of study also includes twenty-eight (28) courses, which are divided in groups of seven (7) courses per semester. However it includes practical training which may require an extra input of teaching hours.

The program content is approved each year by the General Assembly of the Department of Preschool Education and is modified according to the trainees' needs and suggestions.

There are compulsory and optional courses. An optional course must be attended by a minimum of seven (7) trainees. An optional course becomes unavailable once the minimum requirement of 7 enrollments is not satisfied. The trainees are then asked to transfer to another course of their choice.

The teaching staff of the Institute is appointed by the General Assembly of the Department of Preschool Education.

Attendance is compulsory. The trainee attendance is monitored by the teaching staff, who keep the managing board of the Institute updated. The managing board of the Institute, supported by the Secretary, is responsible for the monitoring of the trainees' presence as well as for their leave of absence according to art. 8 of the Ministerial Order G3/26 (FEK 123 B/18.2.1998).

The Diploma of In-Service Training in Education is awarded to those who attend and successfully complete the two year training program.


Structure - Function - Management

The Institute's management and structure are prescribed by the law 2327/95. The duration of the training program is four (4) semesters.

The Institute is managed by:

1. The General Assembly of the Department of Preschool Education of the University of Crete

2. The Managing Board

3. The Director and two Deputy Directors