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Political - Cultural student activities


  • a) Political groups
    A law dating in the 60's allows students to form political groups, unions etc. The National Student Union of Greece (EFEE), which had coordinated this political action, has long been inactive. Political student groups, most of them with strong ties to the political parties in Greece, continue to be active today and they include DAP (right), PASP (center-left), PSK (communist) etc. During April of each year students vote to elect their representatives. These representatives are ex officio members of the Department's General Assembly.

  • b) Theatrical groups 
    In Gallos Campus (Rethymno) the student's theatrical group (Rope and Soap) is very energetic. Each May they produce and present a play for the general public. In the city of Rethymno (Kourmouli street, 127) an amateur troupe "theatric sailing (or surfing or navigation)" has known amazing artistic success for more than 20 years. This group also offers acting lessons.

  • c) Radio team
    A group of students operates and manages Radio 96.7 FM