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Sponsored Research Grant 2014

Marina Tzakosta, Assistant Professor, Department of Preschool Education

Research team: Marina Tzakosta (Principal Investigator), Anna Sfakianaki (Postdoctoral researcher University of Ioannina and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Angelos Patsias (Primary School of Fourfouras, Rethymno)

"Museum of Oral History: An experiential research tool for the preservation and educational use of history and folk tradition"
Aim of the project is the design, construction and organization of the Museum of Oral History (MOHI) as a research and educational tool available in the hands of pupils and educators. Side goals of the project are, on the one hand, the training of Primary and High School pupils on methods of language data collection and processing and, on the other hand, the collection, processing, filing, preservation, and diffusion of dialectal linguistic data which will be available in audiovisual files. MOHI will have the form of a digital platform. MOHI will be useful as a tool for teaching language, geography, social sciences, local history, familiarize pupils with environmental education and any topic relevant to education. MOHI will a) contribute to the awareness of pupils regarding dialectal issues, b) demonstrate the importance of the latter as linguistic systems and c) investigate topics of local history.
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Sponsored Research Program LaDiva

Academic years 2011-2014


Language Learning and Language Teaching in multicultural environments: how to bring Language Diversity and language Variation in class.

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Research Projects

A) Coordination of EU's initiative INTERREG IIIA/ GREECE-CYPRUS, measure 2.3, titled "The digital world of preschool education. Teachers-preschoolers interaction in Greece and Cyprus". This project is funded by the EU and the Greek Ministry of Education (4/2007 - 8/2008).

Participating departments: Depts of Preschool Education (D.P.E.) of the Universities of Crete, Aegean and Cyprus.


Primary Investigator: Prof. G. Kitsaras, D.P.E, University of Crete. Other investigators: E. Tafa, Professor, G. Manolitsis, Assist. Professor, B. Oikonomides, Assist. Professor, M. Zorbala, Assist. Professor.


Aim: creation of a portal for preschool education, containing educational material, both theoretical and practical, for language, math and the physical sciences. More specifically, D.P.E. will help develop material for the phonological development of kindergarten students.


B) EPEAEK II funded project "Restructuring D.P.E.'s undergraduate curriculum" during the years 2003-2004 and 2004-2005.


Primary Investigator: G. Kitsaras, D.P.E., University of Crete. Other investigators: M. Pourkos, Professor, E. Tafa, Professor, G. Manolitsis, Assist. Professor, S. Chatzistefanidou, Assist. Professor, B. Oikonomides, Assist. Professor.


C) ELKE funded project "Panhellenic standardization of the Behavioral Check List (BCL) in preschool years".


Primary Investigator: G. Manolitsis, Assist. Professor. Other investigators: E. Tafa, Professor and graduate students.


Aim: standardization of BCL list in a Greek sample of 1000 children and the investigation of its psychometric properties. The aim of the BCL is the objective identification of behavioral problems exhibited in the class of children aged 3 to 6.


D)  ELKE funded project "Social stigma in obese children: when it starts and how it develops".


Primary Investigator: E. Kornilaki, Assist. Professor. Other investigators: Gregory Chlouverakis, Assoc. Professor, Medical School and graduate students.


Aim: the aim of this cross-sectional study is to examine the social stigma that accompanies obese persons, to explore its origin and development in preschool and school children. The focus is on the investigation of the negative stereotypes that children hold for their obese classmates and their social standing in class.